Ways a Performance Tuner Can Improve Your Truck’s Power and Speed

Modern engines typically use a series of integrated circuits to keep your truck’s engine running smoothly. Often, the manufacturer’s default tuning settings are geared toward a balance of economy and performance with a strong emphasis on emission control. Modifying your factory default programming settings with an aftermarket tuner can shift fuel richness, valve lift, and other parameters to meet your unique needs on the fly.

Optimizing Fuel Economy

One of the most interesting effects of performance engine tuning is significantly improved fuel economy. By modifying engine performance based on the real use conditions of your truck, an aftermarket tuner can ensure your truck is using fuel as efficiently as possible to deliver substantial gains in fuel efficiency. One of the keys to effective tuning is constant electronic fuel pressure monitoring to ensure the fuel mixture can deliver sufficient acceleration and performance without excessive fuel consumption.

Maximizing Engine Output For Conditions

Different conditions can certainly change your engine’s needs. Towing heavy loads requires powerful low end torque to keep your vehicle moving and long miles on the highway might need only just enough fuel to keep your truck at speed. Performance tuners modify your engine’s fuel use, spark timing and idle speed in real time to give you power when you need it.

High quality performance tuners use several engine modifications including real time fuel mapping, valve manipulation, and spark timing to balance your acceleration and handling needs or maximize your fuel economy. Click here to learn more about performance tuners in San Diego.


A Brief History Of The Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Covers 101:

Truck owners today can rely on a sleek cover to protect the belongings they throw into the bed. It seems like such an obvious solution, one gives little thought as to how they came about. Indeed, transporters have always needed to protect their cargo from the elements and intruders.

In the Beginning:

The word tonneau is derived from a French word for container. The term was originally used to describe a cover that could protect unused passenger seats in an open-air vehicle, such as the backseat of a convertible. As early as the 1930s, racers began using them to streamline their roadsters. They had been inspired by the covering used to help aircraft be more aerodynamic. Now, the name is used mainly to describe the tops put on pickup truck beds.

Fashion Forward:

Today there are two types of tonneau covers available, both of which are sold after-market: hard and soft. The soft cover

  • Either folds or rolls up
  • Is made of canvas or vinyl
  • Can be lined with metal pieces to make it sturdier

A hard cover

  • Is one solid piece
  • Opens via a hinge placed near the bed of the truck
  • Provides the most protection of the options, as it can be locked shut

Many years have since passed, and now you will find tonneau covers on thousands of trucks. They have many names, from toppers to bed covers to caps, but they all come from the same place.

You can learn more about the available tonneau covers in San Diego.

Save Money Long-Term By Investing In Suspension Now

If your car is riding a little rougher or bouncier than it should, it may be time to replace the suspension system. While the upfront cost of new shocks or struts may seem cumbersome, getting fixed up now can save you cash in the future.

Steering and Suspension:

As you steer your vehicle, the suspension system keeps you from bouncing down the road like a happy rubber ball. Healthy struts keep the springs in check. When you come to a stop, does the front of the car take a nose dive? It’s time to visit the repair shop.

Watch for Road Signs:

When your suspension begins to wear, it can start putting excessive strain on your tires. They can wear out faster, and you’ll have to replace them sooner. Besides odd wear on your rubber, look for other signs while driving. Those include:

A bumpy or shaky ride

  • Noticeable fluid leaks
  • Poor overall handling
  • Stiffness or noise when steering

Save Some Cash:

By taking some preventive care of your car or truck, you can extend the life of your tires and other driving systems. At a routine maintenance check, a mechanic can look for any issues. A front-end alignment and inspection can help ensure a healthy suspension as well. Typically, shocks and struts need to be replaced every 50,000 miles or so, depending on the regular driving conditions.

Spending a little now can save you a lot in the long run.

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Advantages Of Having A Seat Covering Installed In Your Truck

Keeping it Clean While You’re Down and Dirty:

Owning a truck is all about getting it out there: bring on bumps, the jumps and the 2-foot-thick mud cake. That’s fine when it all stays on the outside, but what about the interior? Picking up a layer of dust on your clean khakis won’t look so impressive. Having a seat covering in your truck can make clean up quicker and much easier.

Protect Your Investment:

Seat covers aren’t strictly for grime protection. They are actually quite practical for keeping your seats in good shape. Vehicle fabrics are degraded a little every day by

  • Friction, which causes tears and cracks
  • Sun damage, which can cause fading erosion
  • Grease, which can weaken fabric fibers

Get Comfortable:

Having a cover on your truck seats can also make the ride more comfortable. Plush velour is fairly easy to clean compared to other choices, plus it offers some added softness to the seat. For a more classic style, tweed can be a good option. It, too, is quite stain resistant.

If you will be washing the cover often, cloth or canvas can be a good choice. If you’re an outdoorsman, neoprene and ballistic nylon can be even better options as they resist water damage. Whatever fabric you choose, there are several patterns and styles available, so you can add some extra personality to your truck.

Besides helping to keep your clothes clean, you can also use a seat covering for enhancing the comfort and look of your truck.

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