How to Install a Truck Shell for Safe Transportation

Use these easy steps to install a useful truck shell for safe transportation of cargo in your truck bed.

Owning a truck means being able to haul around all kinds of cargo in the bed. Sometimes, you need a cover for the items that you are hauling to protect them from bad weather. Installing a truck shell over the exposed bed of your truck can protect your cargo and provide a safe space for storing all kinds of items. There are different types of truck shells. You need to decide early on if you want the shell to be a permanent part of your truck, or if you would rather have it be removable. Installation is easy when you have all the right parts.

If you invested in a truck shell kit, you may already have the materials that you need. All that’s usually left to do is assemble your tools in a convenient place to install the shell. You should have a drill, ratchet and sockets, weatherstripping foam, hand drill, wire cutter, wire connectors, a blanket, and a helper, in addition to the truck shell and hardware.

You can use the blanket as a soft spot to turn your truck shell upside down without damaging it. When it is upside down, you can apply the weatherstripping foam to the edges and bottom. Applying weatherstripping is important because that will help to keep out the cold air and moisture. Just make sure not to accidentally seal your rear hatch when applying the foam.

While the foam is still soft, you and your helper can carefully place the shell onto your truck. Make sure your tailgate is down and that you evenly rest the shell on the truck bed rails. The shell should sit evenly, so make adjustments as necessarily to make sure it is level.

Once in place, you will need to clamp down the shell, which should have come with some hardware clamps. Position them closer to the front end of your truck, then tighten them carefully using your ratchet and socket set. Try closing your tailgate to make sure everything closes and locks how it is supposed to.

The last step is to connect the wiring. If necessary, you may need to drill a hole in your taillight assembly to fit the wiring through. You may need to cut and strip the brake wire to properly install the butt connectors. Connect the high mount brake light to your brake wire and install your taillight assembly.

There are many advantages to installing a truck shell for safe transportation in your truck. The installation process may differ depending on the type of shell you end up purchasing.

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